General Information

*Jentsch Photography is located at
      11629 NW 121st Street 
      Granger, IA  50109.
  If you have any questions or comments call us at (515) 480-1270 or

*Jentsch Photography will do the very best possible job in order to accommodate our clients needs.
  We pride ourselves in our work, but must realize that some events are spontaneous and
  that some shots may be missed or not to the clients liking.  "Art" and "beauty" is in the eye of the
  beholder and that not everyone sees things the same.

*Jentsch Photography, assumes no liability for injury to people or damages
  to property in and around the photo session.

*If for any reason you aren't absolutely satisfied with your images, let us know and
  Jentsch Photography will make it right, within reason.

*Jentsch Photography, reserves the right to assign alternative photographers
  without notice should illness or other unforeseen circumstances arise.

*Jentsch Photography may use photographs for publicity.
  Jentsch Photography owns the negatives unless otherwise stated in writing and owns copyright on ALL pictures.

*Jentsch Photography, is not responsible for the quality or the quantity of the pictures
  if any subjects are late for a session.

*The balance is due at the end of the session.

*NO REFUNDS on sitting fees.

*Minimum print order is $175.00

*If refunds are required, they are paid on a proportional basis.
  If all your photos don't turn out, we will refund you only the money you paid us to take them.
  If only one picture does not turn out we refund your money for one picture.


Senior/Family Photos
*If your photos don't turn out, we will reshoot them at no charge. Senior/Family Photos)


If prints are purchased from Jentsch Photography -
*All final photos are retouched.
*Retouching of Blemishes and lines under eyes are standard.
  Where needed, every pose is carefully retouched to remove unwanted blemishes and
  soften (but not completely remove) lines under eyes.
  You can even have moles removed (by request only).




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