Senior Portraits











We customize each session - bring out the personality and style of the senior.  We encourage the senior to bring examples, props and anything that would add to the experience.
Senior pictures can be taken in studio or on location - in the home, park, etc. Fun, enthusiastic sessions that capture the moment.  Special effects are available - colorizing, toning anything you can think of.

SPECIAL  OFFER                       $ 175.00
Normal Senior Session
with a special print package!

2 - 8x10 * 2 - 5x7 * 16 Wallets


Normal Senior Session                     $ 75.00

           16 x 20               $125.00             Extra Props              N/C
           11 x 14               $75.00               As many outfit changes N/C
            8  x 10               $26.00
            5 x 7                  $17.50
            4 x 6                  $ 7.00
           Wallets (8 min)       $ 1.00 each
      *Reprints allow 3-4 weeks   

Call us to see what we can do for you!
If you are not satisfied with the photos, we re take them at no charge.



**All pricing is subject to change, without notice.



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